This page will be dedicated to us fitting a fully functional PC into Oli's car.
The resulting functionality will be as follows :
  • Use as an audio jukebox
  • Provide passengers with video entertainment
  • Fully functional Windows installation
  • Maps can be saved to floppy/CD and viewed on route to destination
  • Solitaire!
The PC will be connected to a small LCD screen which is already installed into the car connected to a camera installed under the front bumper, allowing passengers to view the road ahead.

Hopefully this project will go ahead soon (we have most the hardware required) so it can be documented for all to enjoy.

Current Hardware List :
Intel Machine
500MHz Pentium III CPU
512MB PC133
No Sound Card
No Graphics Card
Cyrix Machine
133Mhz Cyrix CPU
16MB Memory
2.5gb HDD
56K Modem
ISA Sound Card
No Graphics Card
Honda Civic
2gb HDD

Required Hardware List :

Graphics card with composite out (NTSC)
PS/2 Keyboard
PS/2 Extension Cable

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