Will there be cake?
There is always cake.

Why are you guys doing this?
Well what purpose does broken hardware serve? Unless you really know what you're doing and can re-use the microchips, then it's basically just another piece of plastic isn't it.
So instead of throwing out these pieces, we decided to have a bit of fun and kill/destroy them, that's all there is to it, fun.

Can I submit my hardware kill?
If you are stupid enough to have killed some hardware and documented it with pictures then, sure, why not.
See the contact page for more details.

How would I go about killing my own hardware?
Well, firstly I'd recommend that the piece of hardware in question is no longer functional, there's no point in killing off good hardware.
Secondly, I'd recommend that you use some common sense, PLEASE PLEASE don't use any tools if you don't know exactly what you are doing, many pieces of hardware are made from plastic and metal and are therefore brittle, meaning edges can easily become dangerously sharp and shrapnel can be launched at quite violent speeds.
Bear in mind that this site is meant as a bit of fun, so we'd rather the fun is kept safe, you can't have any fun from a hospital bed.

Can I Kill and submit hardware other than computer stuff?
Sure, I mean we're not called "computer hardware" kill. Anything that could be deemed as entertaining can be submitted.
Just remember that there will still be safety issues with any hardware you try and destroy, so be carefull.

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