Kill: PlayStation
  • Screwdriver
  • Pair of tongs
  • Shoe

  • Reason: It was broken
    Pain in the heart: Very much

    After 4 years of service, my PlayStation died :(. This was very unfortunate, because my PSX has helped me through some very rough times etc. Also I could play downloaded games on it, because it was mod-chipped, that was really cool. Free games!

    Anyway, it is dead now, so it's time to kill it. This is how it looks like when the casing is removed:
    PlayStation with the casing removed

    Next it was time to remove the board, port-connectors and lens
    PlayStation with the board etc removed

    This is a closeup of the evil mod-chip (the one at the bottom). This chip allow the user to play pirated games on the PlayStation.
    PlayStation mod-chip

    Now for a last view of the board
    PlayStation mainboard

    Now the actual killing will take place. I took a screwdriver and a pair of tongs to remove most of the chips attached to the board.
    PlayStation chips removed

    The time was come to crush the board. I wanted to use a sledge-hammer, but it was already 1 am, so that wasn't a good idea. I used my shoe instead.
    Mainboard crushing

    Quite strong this board is. It is bend, but not broken.
    Bend board

    Time to use brute force: my hands! The little spikes left-over from the removal of the chips hurt my thumbs *ouch*.
    Brute force

    And yes! It finally broke! Kinda sad looking.
    Broken board

    This is what is left over from my PlayStation :(.
    PlayStation leftover

    Final notes:
    Too bad it has to be this way, but thing tend to break down from time to time. Luckily I have got a good emulator to play my games with (ePSXe) so that will be ok. And of course my good ol' PS2! But that doesn't play my pirated games :(.

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