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The sidebars where originally intended for OSNN.net but since then, I have added various other sidebars making this into more of a random project, rather than having a central focus.

Once added to Mozilla, the sidebars will automatically refresh, bringing you the latest content at no extra effort. Also when I update the sidebar your copy will also be updated without any action, meaning once added, you don't have to do a single thing.

The Sidebars

NTFS.org sidebar.
Latest ten news and forum posts link access to your user control panel

Register sidebar.
Top ten news items from the register (uk).

WebCam sidebar.
My webcam, this bar was really created just for testing purposes.

Penny Arcade sidebar.
Penny Arcade updates, never miss a comic again.

MozillaZine sidebar.
News from the world of Mozilla, handy for any user.

Apple.com Hot News.
Latest news and updates from Apple.com

Latest links from JengaJam.com (Definitely worth adding)
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