Welcome to speedyb.sduff.com here you will find all the information you could ever need about the development of the worlds very first USB pony!

The USB pony was an idea conjured up during an early morning IRC session, where a group of people were randomly talking (in a none-serious manner) about interconnectivity between abnormal objects. Things such as kitchen appliances like a fridge or microwave, and various breeds of animal. All these were to be connected, using standard computer based protocols and connectivity, such as USB, Firewire and Ethernet.

We later decided to take this a step further by actaully creating one of the concepts that we had set in our minds, out of the options of fridges, microwaves and so on, the pony was chosen as our victim.

Now with the pony elected as the host for whatever device we wanted, we needed to find a suitable type of pony, obviously we couldn't go and butcher a real living animal, just to see what devices it will host, So with this in mind Oli took it upon himself to order a small batch of stuffed toys.

At this stage we have, the idea, and the host. Now all we need is to think of a suitable device which we will actually put into the pony, and then to obtain the object/device, and carry out the insertion.
Fortunately, at the time, Oli had some spare Xanboo cameras which weren't being used, so we chose a camera to be the device.

The actual creation of the pony took place at SPeedY_B's house with Dave (SPeedY_B), Joe (Seph/240bpm) and Oli (Oli_G) present. To see the actual process please take a look at the pictures page.

You can also have a read of the original IRC log were the original idea was created, please note though, for some people it may be rather hard to follow.

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